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A1 Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Towing & Recovery
6831 Jefferson Metro Pkwy
McCalla, AL 35111
United States
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A1 Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Towing & Recovery


Heavy Duty Truck Towing Wrecker and Recovery Service

NFTRS.COM Fleet Towing Services, Commercial Truck & Trailer Towing and wrecker service. and for every type of heavy commercials, contractors plant and engineering projects. Local Long Distance Towing Service in Canada & the U.S Towing roadside assistance—call us at 1-800-592-3295 get in touch.


Local and Long Distance Breakdown Recovery (Commercials Only)
Total Lift (Damage Free) Lorry Loader Recovery (Commercials Trucks, Trailers Only)
On and Off Road Accident Recovery (All Commercials)
Underwater Recovery, Truck Accident Traffic Management
Heavy Rotator Vehicle Recovery
Sliding Axle Recovery Trailer (total lift for commercials)
Hazardous Goods Vehicle Recovery (Breakdown and Accident)
Heavy Winching
Specialist Contractors Plant Recovery
Traffic Management Recovery
Rescue Services Assistance
Tow and recovery technicians available 24/7/365
Industry-certified tow and recovery technicians
Top-of-the-line towing and recovery equipment
Insurance-approved wreck recovery and cleanup
Off-loading available, load shifting services
We respond to every call as if it were an emergency
Member of the Professional Towing and
Recovery Association

Semi Trailer Load Transfer


Tractor only, Trailer only, Both Tractor and Trailer, RVs, Box trucks, Loaded / Unloaded, Drop drive shaft, winch out, load shifts, pull starts.


Usually our heavy-duty tow cranes have dual winching capabilities of 120,000 lbs. per winch and a boom capacity of 80 tons.


Our operators have years of experience winching a variety of vehicles and equipment including; tractor-trailers, concrete trucks, dump trucks and heavy excavating equipment.


Our service providers are very experienced in air cushion recovery techniques. roadside assistance—call us at 1-800-592-3295 get in touch.

Open Time: 
24/7 All Days
Price range: 
Mid range price $195.00 Per Hour Tractor Towing $135 Per Hour Trailer Towing Drive Shaft Removal $85
Wheelchair accessible
Take Reservations
Ongoing Events: 
One Night Only
DJ Maximum Show
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 -
19:30 to 22:30
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